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QUESTION: hello doctor
i undergo echo and thats the report

normal internal cardiac dimension
good overall contractility fs(32%)
no restig S.W.M.A could be detectid

normal mitral.aortic.pulmonary and tricusped functions and morphology

intact interatrial and intervent septate

no thrpmbi.no vegetation could be detected

normal pericardium

trevial mitral regurgitation
E|A RATIO 1.10.80 Ms
systolic P.G across aortic valve 10 MH
P.G across pulm.valve 7MH
trevial tr.regurgitation
no evidence of pulmonary hypertension ,time to peak velocity 150 MS

conclusion :

echo study within normal

1-is those trivial regurge is heart disease?
2-is it  progressive to mild moderate severe?
3- do i must make regural follow up echo scans?if yas so after how many years ?
4-do i hav MVP or not?

great thanx and best regards

ANSWER: You may have MVP with trivial regurgitation. Consider a follow up Echo in 3 years. Good luck!!!
         Dr. P

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QUESTION: im now totally confused , its written here normal valves functions and morphology  is mean that no MVP cause morphology is normal,i made 2 echos more and didnt wrote MVP. is it phisiologic regurgetation  or its disease or what exacttly please help,if there is MVP so how morphology is normal, and if there is no MVP so how there is regurgetation,and one of them told me  there is no any regurgetations just im anexious sothats why heart beat more quicker and same blood pressure, im sorry for ur time doctor but im really doctors confusing me alot, its very bad feeling when person not know he is normal or he is sick ,please doctour tell me whats u see exacttly what i have to do and please please help me as possible as can i appreciate ur time which u lose now to read my message but i lost alot things because nobody knows 3 echos didnt mentions prolapse when i read on interent they tell me its the reason for regurgetation ten i say may be there mvp and u too say may be its MVP ,whats happens.whats right whats not  ,im sick or not sorry again for ur time


You need to discuss this with your personal cardiologist who can examine your heart and discuss the Echo findings. There is a whole spectrum of MVP. Sometimes it is found on exam and not reported on the Echo. It does not sound like you have any serious heart problems. Good luck!!!
         Dr. P

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