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Good morning Doctor Richardson

My blood pressure has been high the past month or so.  Though I think it's anxiety related I'd like to know if medication would help even though I am going through an anxious period in my life.

Yesteday my reading wa 170 over 100 with a pulse of 88.  I have been using propranolol for anxiety purposes as needed but I've been taking more of it when I get this type of reading.  It brought me down to 158 over 86 with 75 pulse.

Would you suggest I take a different class of medication (I have diabetes and 62 y/o female?

If anxiety is the root of my high readings, would a medication actually help or would you think when the anxiety is gone my numbers will be down.

Also, I wake up during the night and feel my heart is beating fast when I put my fingers to my wrist to test.  The beat isn't irregular, but just fast like in the 90's.  Is this dangerous?  Can anything be done about this.

I'd appreciate your wisdom on this topic.  Thank u Dr.

Hello Helen,

I would add spironolactone or an Angiotensin receptor blocker.  You BP should be below 14/90 all the time.

Your fast heart is quite normal, not dangerous.  No need to do anything.

Please write back if this note doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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