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Hello, I had a chest x-ray done on Christmas eve and got the results back and all the doctor told me is that my heart is "slightly large on the normal side".

I know I'm classed as obese and I'm trying to lose weight and I also suffer from anxiety,agrophobia and panic disorder. But this has now left me wondering what next.

My doctor never said anymore to me and I was about to ask him questions but his next words were bye see you again and that was that.

So my question is what does this all mean to me "slightly large on the normal side" either it is enlarged or normal. I know with out the x-rays it is hard to say to much but if my heart is Slightly large on the normal side does this really mean a makor impact on my life.


Hi Chris,
There are many reason for an enlarged heart, some of which include hypertension and obesity. Please check here:
I can't tell to what degree this fits your situation.
All the more reason to live a healthy life style:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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