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My son is 3o years old.  His hair started receding at 18 years old, and now he is bald all over on top of his head.

My concern is that the research says that this increases, by a lot, his chance for heart disease.  He also has a crease on his ear.  He lives on his own so I have no say in what he does, but I will suggest he get another cholesterol test.  He had one 4 years ago, and his ldl was borderline high then, but the dr. didn't put him on meds.  

Is there anything to do to avoid what appears to be genetic predisposition to heart disease?  (His dad has had bypass in 4 arteries when he was 50.)  Is it inevitable my son will have heart disease?

Thank you!

Given the family history he should recheck his cholesterol and discuss statin therapy with his doctor if his LDL is elevated. In addition he should consider a 64 slice CT to assess his coronary calcium score beginning at age 35. Good luck!!!
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