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QUESTION: Hey Doc i was wondering if you know anything about Pulmonary function test and if you would be able to look at mine and let me knwo what you think?


ANSWER: Hello Justin,

I now a little.  Send them.   Is there no lung doc on allexperts?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: no there not any Doctors just theripist.


FVC Liters Ref=6.15,Pre Meas=4.95,Pre%Ref=81,Post Meas=4.96 Post%Ref=81,Post change 0
Fev1 Liters Ref=4.96,Pre Meas=3.88,Pre%ref=78,Post meas=4.00,Post%Ref=81,post chg=3
Fev1/Fvc % Ref=81,Pre meas=78,post Meas=81
FeF25-75%L/sec Ref=4.85,Pre meas=3.67,Pre%Ref=76,Post Meas=4.04,Post%Ref=83,Post%Chg=10
PeF L/Sec PreMeas=7.85,PostMeas=7.11,PostChg= -10
Fet100% Sec PreMeas=6.60,PostMeas=6.57 PostChg= -0

Lung Volumes

Vc Liters Ref=6.15,PreMeas=5.18,Pre%Ref=84
TLC Liters Ref=7.95,PreMeas=6.90,Pre%Ref=87
RV Liters Ref=1.93,PreMeas=1.72,Pre%Ref=89
Rv/TLC% Ref=24,PreMeas=25
FRC PL Liters Ref=4.00,PreMeas2.45,Pre%Ref=61
Ic Liters Ref=4.06,PreMeas=4.45,Pre%Ref=110
Raw cmH20/L/Sec Ref 1.09


DLco Ml/mmhg/min Ref=46.3,PreMeas=35.6,Pre%Ref=77
DL Adj mL/mmHg/min Ref=46.3 PreMeas=33.1 Pre%ref=72
Va Liters PreMeas=6.11
DLCO/Va mL/mHg/min/L Ref=6.03,PreMeas=5.83 Pre%Ref=97
DL/VA AdjmL/mHg/min/L PreMeas=5.43
IVC Liters PreMeas=4.69

Your lung volumes are a little low, but FEV1, the speed at which you can forcefully exhale is good.  I doubt that these tests indicate much trouble with the lungs, enough to cause breathlessness.  Ask the therapist for more info, if it's a pulmonary therapist.

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