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Greetings Doctor,

I am a 23 year old hypertensive male who exercises "stationary bike" every day for 45 minutes. I take several drugs to control thw BP. I also take lexapro and xanax for panic disorder

What concerns me is that recently ive wanted to increase my exercise regiment. However whenever I try to run/jog I get this intense pinching/crushing pain that starts what feels like the area in between the direct left side of my sternum and my back.  It goes away almost instantly when I stop running. Ive had a stress echocardiogram  which ive been told was normal. Ive also had 2 normal echocardiograms that were normal. Does this sound like it could still be ischemic pain IE angina?

Nonetheless I cant help but feel perhaps this is exercise induced angina of some sort? Im hoping its just muscular pain but if so why does it only manifest when I jog/run?

Thank you ever so much

Hi Hagar,
Your heart tests are normal - you don't have angina caused by heart disease. Jogging demands a lot more of your body than a stationary bike: it sounds like a "splint" nothing to do with your heart:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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