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Dear Dr.

I am 57 year old woman. I have thigh and calf pain for the last 2-3 months in my left leg.  
When I am laying-resting on my back or side My calf has pain and the top of my feet feel like needles.  2.5 months ago, I had a D-Dimer test at that time because I was in sitting in a car for over 4 hours. At the time of the test I was taking Motrin.  The D-Dimer test came back negative and my Internist said my pain was caused from bursitis in the hip.  Is the D-Dimer test accurate for PAD and is it also accurate when I was on Motrin?
Thank u

Hi Kay,
A D-Dimer test is used primarily to see if a blood clot has occurred - not a very useful test in my opinion. Rather I suggest you ask for an  ultrasound examination of your legs. There are two different tests: one for blockages in the arteries, another one for the veins that are much more specific for evaluating the circulation in your legs. However, they will not help if your symptoms are caused by things like sciatica.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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