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I am a 38 year old female, currenly 13 weeks pregnant.  For the past 5 years I have had PVCs, tachycardia, etc.  I have had a complete cardiac workup including a calcium score profile (3 years ago) that yielded a score of zero.  I have very minor mitral valve prolapse and no other structural issues other than the cardiologist mentioning that my CT showed that I'm the 'cardiology equivalent of being left handed', but no structural or rhythmic issues.    

I have taken Paroxetine for the past four years and that has nearly eliminated by PVCs.  However, now that I am in my pregnancy I have stopped taking the Paroxetine and have noticed a substantial increase in my PVCs.  I wish to remain medication-free during my pregnancy and have two questions:

1.  My OB says that increased PVCs are normal in pregnancy.  Is this widely accepted by the cardiology community, as well?

2.  Often my PVCs make me feel lightheaded.  Should this be a concern for me?  

I think I need lots of reassurance that the PVCs are normal and that I can relax and enjoy my pregnancy.

Thank you.


Isolated PVC's in the absence of runs should not be a problem and should not cause lightheadedness by themselves. It may be in part your anxiety. Discuss it with your personal physician. Good luck!!!
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