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I am 57 years old 5.8 weight 225 lbs. I have not had any heart  procedures and I do see a cardiologist 2-3 times per year as heart disease runs in my family. My cardiologist who I respect does not believe In weight loss medication period especially drugs that contain Phentermine.
Some articles mention Qsymia as being beneficial to improving the heart . Not looking to kill myself but would you suggest getting another opinion from another Cardioligist as I am not interested in going to a Medical weight loss doctor.
I know I need to drop some lbs and I think this May help at least get me started .

Hi Robert,
I agree with your cardiologist. I don't think you'll find any physician who will recommend these type of medications. Your BMI=34, which qualifies you as obese. Besides diet & exercise your only other option is bariatric surgery, certainly not indicated at this point.
I am afraid you'll have to use the old fashioned method of diet & exercise:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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