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I'm a 22 year old fairly healthy male. I have what feels like skipped heart beats, these skips are not random they come on with certain triggers, such as caffeine, stress, lifting weight, sometimes with mild exertion,  I do not get them with or after exercise (running/jogging) but I get some during warm up. Occasionally they come in runs example, beat, skip, hard beat,  skip, hard beat etc. And it lasts around 5 seconds and the heart rate remains the same. I never get dizzy or have pain with the skips, I've had skipped beats for years and they are becoming less frequent but I can still expect them every day. If I rest all day I won't get many if any at all if I'm not under stress or anxiety. What brought me here is today I was swinging a hammer and I got a run of trigeminy for around 4 seconds. I'm very aware of my heart beat most of the time and have been ally life so I feel every skip. I've had EKG, blood tests multiple times,  and a Xray of my heart, and no problems were found. My whole family has these skipped beats and flutters and apparently has never had a problem. I fear v-fib because I read google and it scared me. Any advice? If I were to come in your office and gave you this information what would you tell me? Does it sound serious?

Hi Toby,
Here you can find all you need to know:
As you can read, patients with otherwise normal heart function don't have anything to worry about.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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