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Hello,my name is Gio,I am 37.I dont smoke,no alcohol,no drugs.As far as I know I am healthy.Healthy BMI also.
When I faced really stressing situation,sometimes happened that I had a sleepy hand/arm,tingling face.Not totally sleepy,I could move it and had strenght in it.I cheched my heart with full ECG test,its ok.C-reative protein 3.
Usually my BP is 112/78 in my left arm.Latelly ,when I got angry,I was feelng my right arm like a bit tired,however I still had good strenght in it.I noticed my BP was higher in my right arm even after I was not angry anylonger,123/85
I started sporting regullary ,pushups etc,and I noticed that the BP is getting normal imediatelly  after I sport.Also in the morning I noticed the BP in my both arms is more or less the same,but in the evening they differ.Could it be also because I am working the whole day on the PC ,at least 8-10 hours each day,using my right hand,and the position is not very comfortable sometimes?Or do you think that it is something I should worry about?Of course I do not expect a diagnosis via email,just an opinion ,for example what would you do if you would experience this?I forgot to mention,my grandfather died at a young age due to an aneurysm.Thank you in advance for your reply.

As a middle aged male with some family history of vascular problems you need to discuss the with your personal physician. The BP does not seem to be  problem  but the arm discomfort might be. This is not something that can be properly evaluated over the Web. Good luck!!!
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