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I'm 40 and a non smoker. I have no obvious health issues and nomral blood sugar. I walk daily, have never smoked and eat a moderlty healthy diet. I do have a Type A perosnality and find it a bit hard to relax- anxiety issues I guess. Anyway, Hypertension runs in my family. My BP is always elevated when IM at the doctors office. I have taken a BP journal for the last 12 months and on average my BP falls within the "pre" hypertensive catagory. 134/84 would be a good avergae I guess. However, the last week, my BP has been cosnistently running high. 145/95 would be an avergae ( although a couple have been 150/100). Im not sure why and Im doing everything I can to bring it down. SHould i monitor a few more weeks or simply go back to my doctor for meds? Thanks you for your service on this site

Hi Jeff,
You should start treatment for your hypertension and stop worrying about your BP. At this point it is no longer relevant whether anxiety plays a role - which it undoubtedly does. Read this:
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