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Hello I am 37 male and i have sinus tachy which i take 100mg on atenenol for daily, I had lone afib oct 2012 and then again in oct 2013 both times i converted with meds not the paddle. i have had an echo last week which is normal except for aortic vlave regurgitation, which i was told is mild at the current time. I take ant acid for gerd and heartburn. but last night i had chest pain that awaken me and i took two rolaids and it did not seem to go away . im not sure if its cardiac pain or not . i feel fine otherwise i checked my heart rate its 79 bpm and i can breath fine and function fine. no other area of pain just dead center of the chest Do you think this is heart pain ? and does aortic regurgitation get worse always and what does my future mean. Thank you

Aortic regurgitation may get worse over time but it should not cause pain. You need to check with your personal physician. This is not something that can be evaluated over the Web. Good luck!!!
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