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Just read a question very similar to mine asked in 2006. Is there any additional information on linkage of Mitral Valve Prolapse and SVT?  I was diagnosed with MVP in 1979, I had my first SVT in 1994 with a heart rate of 200+ almost called 911 thought my head was going to explode. Episode stopped on its own when I threw up and had BM at same time(ouch).  Went on sick call next day, misdiagnosed as food poisoning. Doctors gave me a halter monitor for 24hrs diagnosed with erratic heart beat. EKG's done on me in the past also showed episodes or Bradycardia.
 After retiring from the Army at 38 years old my heart became very erratic with palpitations and daily svt episodes. I was on Beta blockers for years with very little effect, just took me longer to realize svt was happening(low blood pressure). My heart got so erratic I became weak and could hardly stand for 5 minutes so I ended up having an oblation.  Now my heart throws back to back pvc's and slows down so bad I can hardly hold my head up.
 VA says the MVP, Brady-cardia,SVT and what's going on with me now are not connected. I find that hard to believe. My present cardiologist just tells me to live with the pvc's and if I want he can do another oblation.  I would rather not. Thanks for any advice.  Terry

Hi Terry,
!: Most people with MVP have no symptoms, however, those who do commonly complain of symptoms such as fatigue, palpitations, chest pain, anxiety, and migraine headaches:
As you can read, most patients don't need treatment. For others, medications and with severe valve leakage, surgery, is sometimes needed. I blogged about this before:
2: The arrhythmias need further treatment and the ablation in your case may have failed or even generated another arrhythmia. Whether your MVP is related to your other symptoms I don't know.
3. As a surgeon, I'd want to know whether the prolapse triggers your arrhythmias and should therefore be fixed if the leakage alone is not an indication for repair by itself. I doubt this however.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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