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Im  a reasonably fit 40 year old guy. I do suffer from anxiety. I have had a history of palpations for about the 7 years (maybe longer). These include skipped beats and fluttering sensations. These occur with a normal heart rate, although the cause me to become anxious and my heart rate increases.  They come and go. Some days are miserable and seem like I have numerous runs every minute and some days not noticeable. I have cut back caffeine and alcohol. 3 years ago I had an echocardiogram that was normal but showed “trace” leakage in a valve I think. I have had numerous EKG’s and have been observed in the ER for a few hours. I have had a 24 hour Hoiltor monitor and recently a 3 week holitor monitor- both were “within limits” according to my cardiologist. I have also had lab work and some test that is called a “cardiac calcium score” in the past. Everything appears normal. Is there any other options or advice on how to deal with these? They can really make you miserable

Hi Charles,
The issue is not your heart palpitations, it is your anxiety. Read this:
You'll find these are rather common complaints and most people don't need treatment, only reassurance once their heart proves OK. Read these, get your tests done and come back if you still have questions for me,
Hope this helps,
Dr T  

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