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I am a 62 year old male in good health, 6'2", weight 193. I exercise 30 minutes a day on a treadmill (2 miles per day.# I just had a physical and my cholesterol is 227, HDL 66, LDL 148, VLDL 13. I also had a CORUS test and it came out with a score of 30 #37% risk of obstructive CAD). I also had Ankle Brachial scores of Right arm: 120, right ankle 150: left arm 110, left ankle 160. Index of .85, which translated to to mild severity of disease. My internist suggested that I go to a cardiologist to have Echo and carotid tests done. I have those test scheduled for the end of December. Do you think I should be on medication for cholesterol or some other medications? Any guidance that you can provide before I proceed would be most appreciated. Thank you

I don't know what a Corus test is. Ask your doctor about a 64 slice CT for coronary Ca++. If that score is above zero or if your carotid ultrasound is not 100% normal then you need to be on medication for your cholesterol. Good luck!!!
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