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Good morning, Hello i am a 37 male with a history of sinsu tachy i take 100 mg of atnenol daily to keep my heart rate low. I have pretty good cholesterol # just have high triglicerides. everything else is low total chol 175- latley i have been having chest pain at rest that comes in waves its kinda tingly , in the center. I have previoulsy had 2 episodes of lone afib where i went to the Er and was converted back by meds not the paddle. the episodes were exactly 1 yr apart. Am i at high risk for heart attack? should i be concernd. i do worry alot about every little out of the ordinary pain and feeling. could this be cardiac pain or something else? thank you . i have had an ekg and echo in nov 2013 and all was fine. I just had mild aortic regurgitation. Thank you .

Hi Matt,
Your heart was examined with a variety of tests that all showed a normal heart function. Under those circumstances your chest pain is unlikely cardiac proving there is no underlying heart disease. A beta blockers such as Atenolol is often helpful in reducing your heart's excessive  frequency. There is no reason to believe you are at risk for a heart attack.
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Hope this helps,
Dr T

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