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QUESTION: I am 44 years old. I was diagnosed with Anxiety disorder 17 years ago and I am 100 pounds overweight, though I am exercising and trying to lose that weight now. I had a physical in July 2013 and was told I am healthy overall except my weight.

I know I have PVC's and Palpitations that come with my anxiety. I have had blood work, and EKG and 48 hour holter monitor a few of months ago. They said I had a few PVC's and a question of wandering pacemaker but that was unconfirmed. I stopped smoking 4 months ago, gave up caffeine and most refined sugars, but still have PVC's. I started taking magnesium glycinate, fish oil and vitamin C and that has helped reduce many of the PVC's so far.

My question is, I have been having a vibrating or tremor sensation in my chest/bottom throat area. It usually happens when I am inhaling. it doesn't do it all the time, just occasionally, but it is very disconcerting when it happens. I have checked my pulse while it is occurring and there is not a change in my pulse rate or any skips or changes that I can tell, while the sensation is happening. It isn't painful, just weird feeling.

Could this be flutters in my heart even if there is no change in my pulse rate, or could it be possibly something with the surrounding muscles in the chest wall or esophagus? Should I consider speaking to my doctor about further tests?

ANSWER: Hi Tony,
Without objective medical information I have no  how to judge your symptoms, or whether your PVCs are dangerous:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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QUESTION: I'm not sure what you are looking for when you say objective medical information. I had an EKG that showed PVC's, and blood work done. The doctor said he believed them to be anxiety related. That was at the hospital ER. My doctor had me do a holter monitor for 48 hours and said there were a few PVC's and a question of wandering pacemaker but it could not be confirmed. My last physical showed a BP of 120/80, and all my blood work was good, according to my doctor.

Hi Tony,
I misread: thought your medical info was a few years old. However, with up-to -date medical info these tests suggest you have a benign occurrence of PVCs ( not the “dangerous” PVCs that are generally limited to patients with significant underlying heart disease, such as coronary artery disease or valve disease) and the recommendations from the link I sent you stand!
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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