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QUESTION: i dont want a diaginosis i just want more info on atrial fibberation.im 79 with hypertension and diabetes well controlled.about a year ago my primary physician gave me a rountine ekg.it showed atrial fibberation and low pulse.prior to this i never had rapid heartbeat or any chest discomfort.my pulse was always in the 50-65 range.carcardialgist took echo on my heart.only thing it showed were slight widening of sides of heart.he said probably due to hypertension.within past year i had 4 ekg preformed.they showed irregular heartbeat but of the 4 ekgs none showed atrial fibberation.that nite when i spent a nite at hospiotal the atrial fibberation stopped at 200  in morning.i take pradaxa.never had discomfort in chest or rapid heartbeat.pulse around 65 b/p 130/80.at 79 think this can shorten my life expectency.diabetes and hypertension in control and no chest discomfort.thanks

ANSWER: Hi Howard,
Here is the information:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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QUESTION: dr t,answering questions means you give me feedback on my question.  switching to reference material that did not answer my question is rude.like you dont have time to  answer question.lets try again i have atrial fibberation very infrequenty.im 79 and never had symptons of chest pain dizziness etc.my b/p is usually 135/70 and pulse is never over 70.since this is mild form and i take pradaza is there usoally few complacations with blood pressure.please answer question.if i take the time to write the question/common courtesy is not referrences.in fact on internet you say ask questionsin other words whats the progress with intermittment atrial fibberation

Hi Howard,
I am not rude. You don't seem to appreciate that I volunteer to answer questions and I gave you the best possible answer. If you had read those links, you would have learned about atrial fibrillation and its treatment. I wrote those specifically for people like you. Understanding information takes work!
Your prognosis depends on many other factors such as the ones you mentioned, but by itself AF is not a major problem if well controlled as it appears in your case.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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