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I've had this pain for the last six months or so, occuring off and on, a couple days per week.  When it happens, it lasts only a couple seconds, but it occurs every 3-5 minutes.  The pain is located about an inch from my armpit, in my upper left breast.  I went to my doc abuot six months ago when it first started happening, and she performed a breast exam and had me breathe.  She said my breast tissue was naturally fibrous, and she couldnít make the pain happen.  All of a sudden, while she was palpating the lower part of my breast, the pain happened again.  To be honest, I donít know if it was anything she did, or just coincidence, since it had been roughly the same amount of time since the previous pain.  She told me I had precordial catch, and there was nothing that could be done.  Recently Iíve noticed that the pain doesnít seem to be going away.  Reading up on it, Iíve never experienced the ďpopĒ that can make precordial catch go away Ė nothing I do makes it go away, except maybe sleeping.  I was wondering whether I should go back and tell her that it wonít go away, or whether I should be concerned that I may have been mis-diagnosed.  Ultimately my biggest concern is that I donít seem to fit the description of precordial catch that Iíve been reading.

Hi Laura,
I have no idea what your symptoms are being caused by other than that it is unlikely to be your heart. You should check whether you can be at risk for heart disease:
If a low risk for heart disease, check this link:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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