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Hi, I'm a 27 year old female who has had every test under the sun to investigate my heart, which misses beats and seems to recover with a "thud" in the chest and a mild headache. I wore a 24 hour monitor and had a scan and several ECGs. My heart never seems to misbehave when doctors are watching it but does all the time when they aren't. Anyway, recently, when my heart misses a beat #frequently# it is accompanied by a slight pressure headache with the "thud" in my chest. I've been assured nothing is sinister, but can't quite believe it when I feel so unpleasant and fatigued. This is always on my mind and I'd appreciate it if you could differentiate for me discomfort associated with heart attacks, and what it typically expected of sensations generated by ectopics or PVCs. I feel like my doctors are sick of the sight of me, but I'm worried incase they've missed something! This does not feel normal, and beta blockers aren't helping! Any advice or information would be much appreciated.

Hi Grace,
Without a diagnosis I can't help you specifically. However, you are not alone and this condition occurs to many other patients. If you have an otherwise normal heart function you are not at risk for anything serious. I have written about this many times:
hope this helps,
Dr T

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