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I am experiencing a warm feeling in heart that will move to waist area also pain is relieved when I belch but comes right back....I went to ER today had EKG and Blood work was told all is fine no sign of heart attack, collapsed lung,(I'm a smoker)or pneumonia...

no shortness of breath, no fatigue, no blood in urine an no dark colored stools so kidney disease or failure cant be it

but i did experience a very no extremely rapid an scary heart beat after sex last night... bt no dizzy feeling of being light headed

only symptoms are

warm feeling in heart
chest tightness is gone an no longer present
but i cld be mistaking warm feeling for wht could be a squeeze

basically would like to know if this is Gas and anxiety or is it something more serious i should be looking for

Hi Henry,
First you need to determine your cardiac risks:
If the answer does not suggest a high risk other options such as GI and/or anxiety should be examined by your doctors.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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