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Hello doctor!

My name is Matis and i'm 20 years old guy from Estonia. Firstly i' ll mention that i go to gym and i work out like 4 days a week or i used to. Since December, i started to feel that something was wrong. My pulse went off, i did some warming up at the beginning of my training and my pulse instantly hit 180 within 2-3 minutes, it recovered fairly fast. It didn't matter whether i was lifting the weights or doing some cardiovascular training. Pulse just went to 180.. was very confused and decided to go see doc. He did the tests and decided first to go see cardiologist, did so, did some tests(echo, ekg/ecg ,fitness test etc.). Results were pretty okay for my age, but blood pressure(especially sys.)recovered for a long time and so did the pulse. Every other test was okay, so i tried changing my lifestyle a bit, sleeping more, eating regularly and more vegetables/fruits etc... Results went even better, but still had that pulse/blood pressure problem. Currently if i move and give my body a little pressure, my heart rate instantly goes up very fast, it doesn't reach 180 in a matter of time now, but still it goes significantly faster whenever i try to pressure my body. Forgot to add that i used to take some creatine/protein while working out. Now back to the real point, my eGFR is is 64.77 ml/min and creatinine 115 mkmmol/L. I have been told to go see urologist, but it takes time, lines are too long. Mightadd that my body mass index is like 28-29~, i am 181 tall and 93-95kgs. I am a bit overweight i guess, but i think people view me as muscular, i have my upper and lower body pretty ripped and muscular, but having problems with my stomach, so i think i am a lifter, who doesn't like cardiovascular training very much.
Thank you very much in advance! The question might be in wrong section, but hope it's okay.

All the best,

Hello Matis,

If your heart rate jumps abruptly, in one heart beat, to 180, and stops equally abruptly, you may have supraventricular tachycardia, a nuisance but no threat to life or health.  There are several maneuvers to stop SVT.  SVT usually occurs at rest.  If your heart gradually speeds up and slows down, taking a minute or so, that's normal sinus tachycardia and you need do nothing.  Please continue to exercise.  If your heart rate jumps abruptly, write me back and I'll tell you what to do.

Please write back if this note doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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