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Dear Dr. Tort,

I get occasionally PVCs which my doctor considers to be non threatening.  I'm a runner and run 5 times per week.  Occasionally (once every month or even less often) I will have a PVC during a run that produces a very quick and jolting chest pain right in the center of my chest.  It's momentary. It lasts exactly as long as the PVC.  I never feel this pain when I have a PVC at lower heart rates, not ever, and I usually don't at higher HRs, except for a few isolated cases here and there.  

Is this still "safe" or is there cause for concern?

And do you have any idea why a PVC can cause a chest pain when over 99% of them do not?

Thank you sir,

Hi Paul,
How patients experience various symptoms such as a pvc is different from one person to the next.
If your heart has proven healthy otherwise there is no cause of concern.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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