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Good Afternoon Doctor,
I am a registered nurse and an expert on epilepsy on this site.
Now I have question.
On Friday I was diagnosed as having gastric ulcers from daily low dose ASA.
The diagnosis was made via endoscopy.
I was immediately taken off my daily 81mg asa and started on Prilosec 40mg.
The problem is that I have a strong family history of coronary artery disease, although I have not developed any symptoms.  I am 71 years old and in great shape.
Question - are there substitutes for asa to prevent clots, either supplements or foods or medications that will not inhibit ulcer healing. (Rutin???)
Thanking you in advance,

Hello Barbara,

There are several medicines;  epifibatide, dipyridamole, prasugrel and tirofiban are four.  An alternative supplement is called boluoke .I'm supposed to get the website for boluoke and will send it to you.  Foods I know nothing about.  Since you're asymptomatic at age 71, your risk of coronary disease is low.

Best wishes.

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One site is

Please note the misspelling of boluoke, but that is how it is spelled on the
email address.

Another article, Barbara:
/Users/davidrichardson6/Desktop/prasugrel vs copiogrel.webarchive

Turns out this is a very controversial subject, doesn't it?

I still suggest you google or bing the word boluoke as you will see several

It is quite costly.   I take 2, not the suggested 3, a day.  I pay $550 for
360 capsules.


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> Please send me the web site on boluoke.

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