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dr richardson,im 79 years old with diabetes and hypertension both are well controlled with lisinopril and insulin.a year ago i went to doctor for rountine exam.doc gave me ekg and told me i had atrial fibberation,ekg showed upper chambers of heart fluttering.he rushed me to hospital cause my pulse was 45.during this episode i felt no chest discomfort or lightheaded or dizzy.around 200 am in morning the cardioligist said the upper chambers of my heart reset in normal position.a year later i have never had chest discomfort,even when i do 20 minutes on my stationary bike.my pulse is mostly in 50-60 range infrequently pulse lowers to 44 but next b/p reading its back to 55.in the past year all 3 ekgs i took were irregular heartbeat but no atrial fibberation.when my pulse is 52 i never get any symptons.i read fast heartbeat is more dangerous then slow heartbeat.is this slow beat lead to heart attack even thou i have no symptons.i always thought fast heartbeat was atrial fibberation.personally i think i only had one episode of atrial fibberation.a echogram showed widening on sides of heart.doc said the widening was probably due to high blood pressure.no other abnormal things on echo.sorry to be so long winded,but you are the best and my cardioligist never goes into detail.i think i have intermittment atrial fibberation and its no   big deal.your advice will be greatly appreciated

Hello Jonathan,

Slow heat beat is a little better than faster. Neither leads to heart attack.  Rare atrial vib is no threat to life or health.  You will probably live to be my age of 87, or longer. Pplease think about avoiding accidental death, auto or ladder etc.

Please write back if this note doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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