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My heart CT scan - contrast
My heart CT scan - con  
QUESTION: Since last 3 months I am getting high BP and suddenly number of heart beats going high.
Recently when CT angio was done for my heart. Out of few images I am attaching one image which makes me worried. I do not know anything about it but it looks weird.
Please let me know if anything wrong with my heart.

ANSWER: Hello Srinavas,

If your rise in BP and increase in heart rate are gradual, over several minutes, it's probably anxiety.  There is a rare condition called pheochoromocytoma, benign tumor of the adrenal glands that are just above the kidneys, that causes increase in BP and heart rate, Its diagnosis requires blood tests and measurement of the adrenaline and noradrenalin in a 24-hour urine and CT or MRI of abdomen.  With pheo, weight loss is common.  You could consult a doctor about your BP and heart rate.

Please write back if this note doesnít answer all your questions.

David Richardson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

CT Scan all images
CT Scan all images  

CT scan report
CT scan report  
QUESTION: Hi David, Thanks a lot for the answer.
I think I did not explain my case entirely in my previous question. Sorry for that. Here is my detailed case.
one year back I have got chest pain. When I visited doctor and got admitted in hospital and after many tests for heart and brain (CT scans) they said that it was a mild brain stroke. I continued medicine for 6 months. Later I felt better But since last 4 months, in many occasions and multiple times in a day I am getting BP around 148/110 ����8/120. At that time I am getting severe chest pain, shivering, then in few minutes head ache. Most of the time every day I am feeling heaviness and slight pain in my chest. Some of the events in which I get heavy pain are really funny, examples are while sleeping if I hear door bell, mobile ring or message tone, any kind of sudden noise, while driving if any other vehicle reached me close, if I go up by steps (around 30), if I carry 20Lbs wait for around 50mts.,if I think about anything seriously for few minutes, if I speak in a meeting continuously for 10 minutes and lot more in my daily events. I am getting pain even for these simple things.

I visited doctor and they have done ECG, 2D ECHO and CT coronary Angio. When I visited couple of doctors I have received different opinions on stents, bypass etc and they did not explain me what is wrong with my heart. So I thought I can get better opinion from you.
This time I Have attached my CT Scan reports. Please review and let me know status of my heart, what are the issues you can identify from the report.

Thanks a lot for your time, help and suggestions.


The CT shows normal large coronary arteries.  I don't know of any serious disorder that causes chest heaviness, shivering and headache. Having the chest heaviness get worse when you are alarmed by sudden noise or car too close or climbing steps raises the question of dysfunction of the tiny branches of the coronary arteries.  This disorder is a great nuisance but usually doesn't lead to heart attack or cardiac death.  Try nitroglycerine under your tongue to see if that relieves the chest heaviness, and if it seem to, use a longer acting form of nitroglycerine like isosorbide mononitrate or nitroglycerine on your skin.  Remember that you need a 12-hour holiday from nitroglycerine every 24 hours or it will loose its efficacy, tho not cause any harm.

Please write back if this note doesnít answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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