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hi there,

1)Why does Afib increase the chance of a person getting a stroke?

2) If someone has AFib & has a low level of overall cholesterol in their system as well as low LDL &  high HDL cholesterol, including a low level of triglycerides, would the person still have an increased risk of getting a stroke?  I would assume that, under those circumstances, there wouldn't be, [or] that the risk of stroke would be reduced significantly...

         Thank you

Hello Dan,

1) In afib, the upper chambers of the heart (atria) don't contract, just quiver, so clots can form in the atria and then wash out and float in the blood stream to the brain, where they block an artery and deprive that art of the brain of blood supply so it dies.

2) No, normal cholesterol doesn't decrease the risk of stroke in someone with afib.

Please write back if this note doesnít answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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