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Hi Dr,

I had an ecg two years ago. It showed IVCD - QRS was 122. Following this it read Left Fasicular Block. Iunderstand this is a benign conduction condition.

I decided to have an echo after this to check my heart structure.

The only details I saw was good bi-ventricualr function and normal values.


1, Does good bio-ventricualr function mean both ventricles were evaluated?

2, Does this mean I don't have LVH?

3, Is the left venticle mass/size easily seen on an echo?

4, In order in calcuate my EF, does the echo consider my chamber size and the amount of blood pumped out? If so this rules of LVH?

5, I assume good bio-ventricualrfunction means I have a normal EF for both ventricles?

Hope all the questions above make sense.

Many thanks,

Hello Jamie,

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.
4. No.  The Ef is what percent of the heart's blood is pumped out with each beat.  It has no bearing on LVH.  But the echo also measures ventricular thickness and rules out LVH that way.
5. Yes, your presumption is correct.  The echo report usually gives EF for left ventricle only, but since your report says good biventricular function, the RVEF is okay too.

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