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Since January I had a lower stomach ache under my bellybutton that would not go away, as well as streaks of blood I would notice on toilet paper. Also, in January and again at the start of March, I had a bad upper abdomen ache, I finally asked my Dr about it, and he referred my to a GI. He recommended a Endoscopy and Colonoscopy. Got both done - Colonoscopy revealed a hemorrhoid, Endoscopy revealed Gastritis.

Had a blood test done beginning of March, and Dr said everything came back normal except with a possibility of h.pylori which the GI said I did not have.

Had Endscopy done first on March 6th, a couple days later I started to have tightness in my chest. Falling to sleep was the only thing that got me past it. Then it stopped for a couple days, and came back after the Colonoscopy couple days after. The week after the colonoscopy I started feeling very not well. I've thought it to be from stress over everything, side effects of both procedures, an anxiety attack, or something more serious...

The lower stomach aches have gone away, but the upper stomach and chest "Aches" are what is concerning me now....

Symptoms I DO have:
The chest discomfort is more dull and achy, a little tightness/pressure feeling, not agonizing or severe, but more annoying than painful or severe. I had a very dry acid-y taste in my throat, and that has gotten better after my Dr gave me Pantoprazole. I get the shakes every now and then, don't know if that is due to the winter weather, or that I'm hungry, or something else. Have noticed a slight increase in burping. Been having sudden episodes of fatigue, and what feels like shortness of breathe.

Symptoms I do NOT have:
I have NOT been vomiting at all. No cold sweats, difficulty swallowing, or fever (if I do have a fever its so light I don't notice it, and no Dr has told me I've had one). I have NO problems sleeping (in fact I've been sleeping alot more these past couple weeks in just trying to rest). NO neck or jaw pain, or back pain.

I've only been drinking water lately, and I do NOT drink caffeine, alcohol, smoke, or do drugs.

I've been going for walks around my block and I've felt fine in doing so, and I seem to move around my house pretty normally. I'm trying to act as I usually would.

Is this all symptoms of Gastritis, or something more serious?

Hi Will,
Best way forward: check your cardiac risks and ask for a stress test. Answer:
This pain can be anything from nothing to serious. You need to have it checked with a doctor after reading this and the links:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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