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Hi I have been sick for 6 years. I finally got diagnosed at the mayo clinic this january with pots postural orthostatic tachycardial syndrome. My heart rate through keeps going up. I feel my face get hot and I get tired and my face gets red. I keep taking my blood pressure and the lowest my heart rate has been this week is 104. I took it tonight my heart rate was 119 and my blood pressure was 127/85. Should I contact my doctor about this. Thanks. I really don't want to go the the hospital so I will make it through the night tonight. Thanks.

Hi Sean,
If you have been diagnosed with POTS by physicians at the Mayo Clinic, surely you must have received recommendations for treatment:

POTS is difficult to diagnose and requires the exclusion of other illnesses that include thyroid disease, cardiac disease, medication side effects and anxiety disorders, to name as few.

An cardiac MRI can detect  evidence of compromised heart function, but it needs to be used together with other tests such as a Holter monitor and a ECHO.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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