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I recently had my 4th baby about 3 months ago. At about 6 weeks postpartum I went to bed and noticed I was aware of my heartbeat. After going to the dr for an EKG, she sent me to the ER because my BP was 159/116 and she thought I had too many risk factors being postpartum. There they saw pvcs on the monitor but sent me home saying all blood tests showed normal and this is nothing to worry about. My dr wasn't convinced so she had me get an echo, which showed Normal heart function, just a minor tricuspid regurgitation. After that the pvcs have gotten worse and I went into a cardiologist and had a 48 hr monitor. It showed about 600 pvcs and sometimes my heartrate jumping up to 96 with a pvc every third or fourth beat. They said it was benign. I'm trying to believe that but it seems strange that these have come on all of a sudden. Could these be hormonal? Sometimes I feel only a few a day at random times and other days I feel them way more often, mostly when going to bed. Also, I feel it in my throat when these happen. If this is something to worry about, will they keep getting worse? I don't have any other symptoms although anxiety is a bit hard to control now with these irregular beats. Is this something that might go away as I stop nursing and let my hormonal levels regulate? I find myself unable to focus on much of anything else since these have started and am contemplating getting a second echo and opinion. If there have been any changes to my heart, would it show up as quick as 6 weeks. I appreciate your response!

Hello Ashley,

Premature beats are normal heart activity, easy to understand as normal from knowledge of the heart's electrical system and occurring in about half of us.  They don't mean you have heart disease or will in the future develop heart disease or any cardiac catastrophe.  I don't know about hormonal.  May women have told me on AllExperts that their PVCs are more frequent around the time of menstruation, but doctors know little about hormones and PVCs.  If you ever find any information about hormones and PVCs, please let me know.  It's silly for me to tell you that you don't need to be anxious, but at least you can be assured that they are harmless in someone with a normal echo.

Please write back if this note doesn’t answer all your questions.

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