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Respected Doctor,
         Myself Mr.Rajratan Gaikwad working at J.J group of hospital & grand medical college,Mumbai,India as Medical Social Superintendent.
      I want to know about "Trivial AR/Aortic Sclerosis",for a person ageing from 45-50/50-60.
1.what are the symptoms of it?
2.what is the reason for causing "Trivial AR/Aortic Sclerosis?
3.How to diagnose it from studying he persons E.C.G or it's Chest Stress Test?
4.Person suffering from "Trivial AR/Aortic Sclerosis ,can have another diseases like low b.p or high b.p,etc...
5.If the answer is yes then,what are the medication at moment person is effecting from L.B.P or H.B.P
6.What is he treatment for it?
7.Does it have any age limit for treatment/
8.Is the treatment is surgical or medicinal?
9.If medicinal what drugs to be taken?
10.if surgical which type of surgery?
11.Does it have any side effects after treatment?
12.what precautions to be taken before or after treatment?
13.Is there any physical exercise for this?
14.what type of diet is needed for the person suffering from "Trivial AR/Aortic Sclerosis"?
15.please refer a doctor in India

Hi Rajratan,
Trivial AR/Aortic Sclerosis doesn't require any treatment, which is reserved for valves that leak or become blocked. At that time treatment is focused on surgery, either repair or replacement:
The oldest patient I performed a valve replacement on was 98 years old!
15.please refer a doctor in India: no idea.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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