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Greetings Doctor,

For the last few years I have had very uncomfortable and scary runs of sinus tachycardia where my heart feels like its beating out of my chest. I had a holter monitor done and while no abnormal beats were discovered I did have very strange unexplained runs of sinus tachycardia for instance, 168 bpm on waking. Im 24 and have had high blood pressure since 21.

Is this sinus tachycardia dangerous and can it kill me? Is there any ablation I can have to reduce the frequency of the sinus tachy, what is the cause?

Sometimes it will occur at rest for no reason.


If you are really having spontaneous heart rates that fast at rest I would question whether it is really sinus tachycardia. You should consider a formal opinion with a cardiac electrophysiologist. Good luck!!!
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