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I understand that a stroke is more of a neurology question but the problem is their are no experts in the neurology section so I thought you might be able to answer my question.  My mom has had 3 strokes since June of 2012.  They are small strokes but I have noticed after this last one she seems to have some days where she is very moody but then the next day she can be just as happy as can be.  When she gets in a down mood is this a sign of a problem happening again such as a small stroke or is this just normal for a person that has had a stroke.  I am very worried about her.  They have her on Plavix now.  Her last stroke was about a month ago.  Thank you for taking the time to read my question and for volunteering on Allexperts.com.

Hi John,
Emotions may be hard to control, especially right after a stroke. Some changes are a result of the actual injury and chemical changes to the brain caused by the stroke. Others are a normal reaction to the challenges, fears and frustrations that one may feel trying to deal with the effects of the stroke.
What is even more important is to eliminate the cause of all these strokes. Plavix alone will not do that:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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