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I am a 37 years old female.  Here are my 2010 & 2012 lab work result on Cholesterol counts.  Back in 2010, doctor told me I am very healthy and my good Cholesterol is higher than normal which is a good thing.  

However, in 2012, the same doctor told me I had high cholesterol.

I met a different doctor this year for check up and she thought it was odd and said "could that be my good cholesterol is too high and it added the total count".  So, did my previous doctor mis-read my test result?

Cholesterol -- 194
Triglycerides -- 93
HDL-c2 -- 82
LDL-c2 -- 107

Cholesterol -- 226
Triglycerides -- 70
HDL-Cholesterol -- 104
LDL-Cholesterol -- 108

I have been worried for the past year and now I am not sure if I should have worried.  

Thank you.


Your good cholesterol (HDL) is high which is excellent. Your bad cholesterol (LDL) is also slightly elevated. In the absence of disease it should ideally be under 100. I cannot say what it means in your case. Good luck!!!
         Dr. P

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