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Good day doctor

I'm 25 year old male I weigh 80kgs height 1.75m tall

On medications seretide250(allergic asthma) avamys nasal spray(allergies) relestat(ocular allergies)
Pantoparozole(acid reflux) Paxil cr 12.5 mg once daily(panic disorder)
For years now I have experienced what seems to be ectopic beats or pvcs. I consider myself to be fit I exercise both anerobically and aerobically at high intensity. I get these skipped beats sometimes suing exercise and at rest. My panic attacks are at bay but if recent they seemed o have popped up . During the panic attack my heart rhythm was totally out of sync it was irregular and skipped continuously it was an extreme scare for me because although I do occasionally get e topics I do not get them in a continuous fashion 2 years ago I had an ECG,echo,stress and holster done my doctor was happy and told me not to worry. I am confused about ectopics in general some doctors says its nothing, some say you need to worry only if you get them while exercising, some say they increase your mortality in general. Right now my quality of life is being limited by these ectopic , I don't know whether continuous ectopic beats during a panic attack is normal. Doctor it's bad enough getting a panic attack which I have learnt to deal with but it's even worse to get one and have this heart irregularity immediately one would feel doomed. I know you going to refer me to your website and I will read them, but in your opinion in years of practice should I be concerned of this? Whether it come at any point during exercise, during a panic attack, during rest should I ignore it ? Or should I be reevaluated  what should be by next step?

Re: should I be concerned of this? NO!
A serious heart problem was excluded with the ECG,echo, stress and holter tests. Read this:
Next step: Relax.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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