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I was reading one of your responses and said something about these the Valsalva, eye rub and carotid massage maneuvers being able to stop them.  Can you please send me instructions?  Thank you.

Hello Karen,

Maneuvers to stop SVT

Lie down for 5 minutes.  If in airplane, lie as flat as you can get the seat.
Still lying down, do a Valsalva maneuver.  Take a breath in, then exhale but donít let air escape from your chest.  Close mouth and hold nose if necessary.  Strain down hard as if to move bowels for about 5 seconds.
Repeat above once.
Massage a carotid sinus.  The carotid sinuses are on either side of the windpipe and a little behind it.  Rub firmly on one carotid pulse as high in your neck as you can feel the pulse for about 3 seconds.  If that fails, rub the other sinus firmly for 3 seconds.  If that fails, rub both simultaneously for about 3 seconds.
If all that fails, ask your doctor to see how well youíre doing the Valsalve and to mark where in your neck the carotid sinus are likely to be.
If all that fails , consider medicines like flecainide or verapamil, and if they fail to control the SVT, consider ablation.

Please write back if this note doesnít answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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