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I am 53/diabetic/female/hypertension/elevated liver enzymes/panic disorder. 3 days ago I awoke feeling odd kinda nervous but got some reasons to be..my left arm had been slept on and felt tired so I picked up 2 10 pound weights and lifted up n down and back and forth maybe 2 minutes then later picked up a tot and lifted her over my steering whhel to sit down and withiin an hr I was huring nonstop in left upper shoulder, then left side of neck then at times also in albow, wrist and hand...but mainly neck shoulder top and shoulder itself. Itr lasted 2 days. I was ok with BP being 130/80 pulse 90 or less, and I HAD to stay still on bed. I used BIO FREEZE, massaging Hommedics device, Advil, heat and ice. Finally on day 2 I also found a gel band and put on arm just above elbow and it got much better-today day 3 I still have it on and just feel mild pain in those areas that tried flaring up as I use it and even the left ear aches at times with these pains. I have never hurt that bad. I am on disabilty for herniated neck, 3 spurs on neck and degenerative disk disease (DDD) and xrays show severe arthritis. my low back has spondylolisthesis, , also DDD, arthritis and spinal stenosis-MRI's done 6 or more yrs ago-Pople meaning well scare me about that sounding likemy heart. I had a stress test last time was 5 years ago, and EKG was done 3 dys PRIOR to this happening and was ok and was done as a routine visit where my A1c was 10% and BP 168/75-Dr did not EKG results...liver still elevated and was slightly dehydrated on the same days tests 3 days before this episode.  Do you think it was anything heart related??Oh and when I touch all the places named above it hurt to touch and I could not turn head to the left either for pain. I weigh 213 (gained 12 lbs since 1-13)-just weird that all the issue was on left side then agin all my life that side catches the brunt of anything I get even shingles-that are also on that side now about gone...I also at times hear the ocean/heartbeat in the left ear during this episode.../astronomical stress for 2 yrs with brother dying unexpected and 93 yr old Mom declining and trying to care for her and 3 kids and no help...THANKS

Hello Renae,

No. it's not heart.  The tenderness in shoulder and arm prove that it's muscular pain. The neck spurs plus lifting your daughter precipitated the pain.

Please write back if this note doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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