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Heart & Cardiology/One nsVT episode on my 24 h holter monitor - is it something to be concerned about?



I am 26. At the end of February I have started to feel some singular, strong heart beats every day. The feeling was that as if I had forgotten to breathe for a second, then had take one deep breath and then those heart beats were comming with a feeling of anxiety and scare. I have decided to go to a specialist with those symptoms. I got reffered to blood test (morphology), holter ecg 24 monitor, 24 h blood pressure monitor and hearts echocardiography.

The blood test was ok - I have got a bit too high level of sodium (146 mmol/l with max of 145 mmol/l).

The 24 hour blood pressure monitor showed small hypertension (my average day result was 141/81 when standard should be 135/85, and my averagenight result 129/69 when a norm is 120/70).

My echocardiography was ok, it didn't show anything, which could have influence on the hearts rythm, the anatomy was correct.

And there it comes to 24 hour holter ecg monitor... It has catched nsVT episode with 11 beats with fastest V-Tach 161 bpm - at 8:25. The whole VENTRICULAR ECTOPY statystics are shown below:

All VE: 118
VE Pairs: 0
V-Tach: 1
Longest V-Tach: 11 beats at 20:25
Fastest V-Tach: 161 bpm at 20:25
Slowest V-tach: N/A
VE`s per 1000/per hour: 2/6

VE total : 118
V-Pair total : 0
V-Run total (V-Tach) : 1
Longest V-Run (V-Tach) : 11 beats at 20:25
Max HR V-Run (V-Tach): 161 bpm at 20:25
Min HR V-Run (V-Tach): N/A
VE's per 1000/per hour : 2/6
Ventricular R on T : N/A

And the rest:

Min HR : 46 bpm at 8:06
Max HR : 135 bpm at 8:59
Avg HR 24 hours : 87 bpm
Min HR hourly : 70 bpm at 4:00
Max HR hourly : 105 bpm at 9:00
Analyzed beat : 116365

SVE total : 0
SV-Run Total : 0
Longest SV-Run : N/A
Max HR SV-Run : N/A
SVE's per 1000/ hour : 0/1
Total aberrant beats : 0
Atrial Fib/flutter : 0.0%

Total ST Minutes Ch.1 : 0
Total ST Minutes Ch.2: 0
Total ST Minutes Ch.3 : 0
Max delta ST depression : N/A
Max delta elevation : N/A
Max ST episode : N/A
Max HR in ST episode : 0  
First, I need to confess, that I am really scared after speaking with my cardiologist, when she had seen the results of my 24 h holter monitor examination - the point of her(and, from now on, mine especially) concern is V-Tach noticed on 20:25. She told me, that it is a very dangerous type of arrhythmia which can cause fainting or even death. I need to tell you that I am true  valetudinarian - I tend to analyze the worst possible scenarios when I feel any ailment and to be worried about it. So when I have seen the concern of my cardiologist I don't need to describe you, what influence on me it has... I have been prescribed betaloc 50 mg once a day, and 2 magnesium 500 mg pills twice a day.

One important thing: on January and March I have got some serious issues on personal nature which was a really stressful time for me, this combined with difficult situation in my job made me feel really bad at that time - I have got holter examination then so I suppose that it could have an influence on its results.

What concerns me the most... is this episode of V-Tach really so serious? Am I in danger of loosing consciousness in every moment, or even have sudden cardiac death? Is it really something bad with my body, heart, psychology, my mind, so in case of stressful situations I have described, it ends with nsVT like the one catched during holter examination? I am not sure if my cardiologist did well by prescribing me strong heart medicine stright away, and frigtening me with possible serious consequences of my illness (I have been told that I am ill). When I was coming back home after this visit, suddenly I felt very fast hart beating with a feeling like my hart would jumped in into my stomach, I was in panic, for the seconds I was sure it is the end... After couple of minutes everything was back in normal. I don't think it was accidence that it happen after seeing with my doctor ...

I wouldbe grateful for help with analyzing my results and telling me a bit more about nsVT episodes regarding to young people, without earlier heart issues.

PS. Sorry for some spelling mistakes - english is not my native language, but I tried to do my best so you can understand all from what I wanted to say.

Hello Jakub,

PVCs are harmless, as you know.  Premature beats are normal heart activity, easy to understand as normal from knowledge of the heart's electrical system and occurring in about half of us.  They don't mean you have heart disease or will in the future develop heart disease or any cardiac catastrophe.  nsVT is also harmless.  It doesn't cause faintness even if lasts for hours, and it doesn't lead to vfib or any other catastrophe in someone with normal echo and EKG.

Please write back if this note doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson  

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