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I wonder if you can help me with a throat problem? For some time I have been getting a feeling of fullness/choking feeling in my throat. I also get food stuck just below my adams apple. The food stays there until I bend over and it comes back up. Sometimes, it comes up on it's own when I burp. It is not a lot of food just bits, but uncomfortable when stuck. I don't eat now when I get the choking feeling, because the food makes it worse. I noticed my nose gets really stuffy and dry and I can't breathe properly when I get this. It only lasts a couple of seconds.

I also got a clicking noise in my throat when asleep. If I wake up for any reason in the night, I can hear it. It happens when I inhale. I have only noticed this about 2/3 weeks ago when I had a virus.

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid nearly 2 years ago and currently on 75mg thyroxine. My TSH in December 2012 was 0.98 and in March 2013 it was 2.88. I thought the TSH should decrease not increase. My Dr told me it is in range and I don't have a swelling in my neck. Do you think my thyroid could be causing my throat problems or is it something else? I was also diagnosed 2 weeks ago with a rash called Lichen Planus. The rash came out 4 months ago. I have never had this before.Thank you

Hi Merrill,
This is very likely related to a problem with your esophagus - either by a local swallowing malfunction or obstruction. You should ask your doctor for a GI evaluation.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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