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Dear Dr Richardson,

I wonder if you can answer my question about a throat problem? I have been getting a fullness in my throat, like a choking feeling and food getting stuck. The food seems to stick just below my adams apple and feels uncomfortable, until it comes back up. It is only bits of food. When I get the feeling of a fullness/tightness in my throat, I know, now, not to eat anything until that feeling disappears, because it makes it worse. I also get a clicking noise in my throat when asleep, It happens when I inhale and I can hear it if I wake up for any reason.
I have an underactive thyroid which was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago and currently on 75mg thyroxine. My TSH in December 2012 was 0.98 and in March 2013 it was 2.88. I can't understand why the TSH has increased instead of decreasing. My Dr said, it is in range, but I think I should be feeling better than this. Do you think my thyroid is causing the throat problems or something else? I can go for 4/5 weeks with no problems and then it comes back. I am a 66 year old female non smoker.

Thank you.

Hello Merryl,

It's probably spasm of esophagus.  See a gastrointestinal specialist if easy, but any internist will help.  They will probably get you to swallow barium while they take x-rays of your swallowing apparatus,  

The thyroid would not cause this swallowing trouble.  The second TSH may be a lab error.  Measure your TSh again to be sure.

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