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Hey I'm a 13 year old male and one time im in positioned prone using laptop, and when I breathe it's like a feeling of something is that normal like I feel been hurt or been like shock not electric my mom said its okay because I'm in positioned prone sometimes we experience that because our body position is wrong but am I okay?

Hi Vincent,
I don't know, but most likely you are fine. This problem is best handled by visiting your doctor who will ask you questions like;
Do you have trouble breathing, cough, generate abnormal looking sputum, smoke?
Have you noticed your heart racing and if so, do you feel light headed?
Do you have any trouble eating or swallowing? Does food come back up frequently after you eat?
He or she will then listen to your heart and lungs and determine whether anything else needs to be done such as blood testing, an EKG or a chest X ray.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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