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hey i have asked you a few ques before this ... hop u rember...
age 21 m non smoker , thin, no family history,,, Angio, echo ,ecg n holter test normal.

my ques are

1) i see my heartbeat , my chest shaking below my nipple,towards the centre... is it coz i m thin?

2)a few times , i see a small part of muscle or vessel (i m not sure ) shake rapidly for 2-3 seconds...its  faster than the heart rate... is it fasiculation or palpitation?

3)i m thin, i m afraid a friendly punch on my chest , or too loud music with bass can affect my heart ...is it possible??????

1) Yes, normal because you''re thin.

2) Could be muscle in the chest wall, between ribs.  Also could be premature heart beats, which are also normal and no threat to life or health.

3)  A friendly punch on chest might cause a premature beat, but no other problem.  Loud music won't affect your heart.

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