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Heart & Cardiology/Hello plz read all the way can't figure what had happened,


Till this day I'm trying to figure what I had
On may 8 we had Popeyes chicken for dinner as far as I remember I didn't eat alots, around 7.45 I was sitting on the couch talking to my husband trying to open a box I suddenly felt like sinking or flutter can't describe it right right below my upper abdomen follow with fast heart beat I felt scared panicky I could breath in and out but I feel sorta of discomfort in my chest I try to go out side get air my heart doesn't want to go normal I went inside sit back still what make it weird is that the beating wasn't in my stomach and as I put my hands and hug my throat I can feel the beats I try lying down it slows then it beats that night I was Peeing alots( I do drink water but not sure if there is ralation ?) when I standup to go pee my heart beats faster i felt like I'm going to faint I felt weak. I try all position lay on carpet nothing try to calm my beats I felt I was dying I'm sure you going to say why didn't go to ER well due to not having insurance I tried drinking water put , a wet towel on my head  nothing
I don't know how to count my rate so I don't know what was my rate all I know it lasted about 4 hours till my heart rate was back to normal , that day in morning right after coffeeI remember I felt like panicky
On may 9 I still felt weak  i go in bathroom i see brown spotting( my period wasnt due till couples days)I went to dr had an ECG and showed normal he prescribed me chlordiazep and omepremazole , I told him about spotting he didn't say anything ,I go home it's feels like my period and yes it's my period
10 later in morning after coffee I felt like stab feel in upper abdomen fellow with heart beat but not as bad as last time I took one chlordiazep took shower cause I feeling panicky specialy that I was alone
Since then I get this stab or flutter feel in my upper abdomen just below my breast bone which scares me , what is it??
I was born with healthy heart no heart past 6 months  I did auto immune system tests, did CBC ,CMP, test check for hepetatis, chest X-ray
That was 1st time I had this I'm afraid it will happens again
I have this app on my phone called heart rate when I'm rest sitting my heart rate is betten 74 to 88 sometimes to 92
Since that day I'm trying to figure what caused for those heart beats to be felt in throat , it lasted 4 hours, could have been a heart attack and I got lucky, could be that my period was coming and cause it
Could be heart palpilation ?
I don't know
Could plz explain to me
Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Samia,
It is possible you had palpitations. You can read about it here:
Other than that I cannot advice you without specific information.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I'm 28 female
I tend to get stress alots
Can ECG shows if I had heart attack or have a heart problem
I had an ECG the following day not sure if it was too late to detect what I had ?

Hi Samia,
If you had a heart attack, the ECG and blood tests would have shown evidence of it.
Check here to see whether you are at risk:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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