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i have been facing heart issues over these years, my age is 22... male non smoker...

complained of chest pain under left nipple , bubble formation like feeling under the left chest nipple, freaked out , went to ER , conducted Angiography (god knw y) , echo test and blood sample.All came back normal.

after that went for 2-3 ecgs n echo all came back normal

Since then i have always this feeling of something is wrong with me.. Now sometimes when i sleep , i can feel my heart pounding , not racing , but pounding..i never feel it when i m awake, sometimes only when i sleep i get this feeling ...Docs say it is anxiety ..i went for holter (24 hrs). though the day i wore the holter, i did not feel the pounding.

my holter test reports is :

Total recording tome : 24 hrs
total beats : 112132
max rate=132 bpm at 12:27:09 pm (when i was cycling)
at 4:43 am =53 bpm (sinus bradycardia)
min rate=42 at 6:54:00 am (2, i was sleeping)
Avg=80 bpm
0 pauses

the rhythm is sinus

ventricular summary :          
bigeminy  events :0

Doc says it is normal . AND , pounding is due to anxiety.... my ques are :

1)what can be the reasons for the pounding?

2) is it missed by holter (coz it did not happen dat day?)

3) my lowest HR is 42 and i m worried about it, y is it so low?

4)is sinus bradycardia serious?
5) i can sometimes see my left chest muscle twitching for 1-2 sconds...is it paplipation or muscle twitch?

6) i m thin n i can always see little area of my chest shaking with it..is i normal?

kindly guide me.

ANSWER: Hello Vimal,

1) Anxiety, bad dream.  Not serious.
2) Yes, it would have been missed by Holter since it didn't happen that day.
3) Low heart rate is very good, predicts long life and no current heart trouble.
4) Sinus bradycardia is very good.
5) Chest twitch is chest wall muscle.
6) Yes, normal.

Please write back if this note doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank u for answering my ques..

I have few other ques...

>> My avg HR is 80 but  lowest is 42 , n sinus bradycardia (hr 52 )... so isn't the variation worrisome?

>> y is so low (hr 42) i mean i m no athlete, i m jus an active person. so i hop my heart is not weak ?

>>How can v judge whether bradycardia is serious or healthy?

>> since my echo,angio, n holter reports r clear , does that mean the pounding i feel is just benign and all in my head?

No, the variation is not worrisome.

Normal, healthy heart and body.

Sinus bradycardia is always healthy.  Only slow rhythms from block in the heart;s electrical system are dangerous.  Any block would show up on an EKG and Holter.

Pounding is of course felt in you head, but it's probably your heart that you feel.

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