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QUESTION: Good day doctor

I write this post confused and anxious.

I suffer from what my cardiologist describes as ectopic beats, I usually have a cardiac check up once a year which includes a resting ecg,a stress test, and echo and at times a holter.

They never ever seemed to have picked up the irregular beats but they assumed it was VPB's from the way I described it to them. The doc refused to give me a beta blocker because he told me unless we actually pick something up then only and he reffered me to a psychologist I didn't like his handling of my situation beecause I have researched this issue and expect an explanation.

My job includes me flying around cities.

I've noticces these irregular beats occur during running (I run regularly) sometimes after a mean, at night if I lie on my left side. Twice and this was 2 years ago I got up with a racing irregular heartbeat I thought I was in vtach! I rushed to the ER but by the time I got there it stopped. I do remember taking zinc tablets during that period it seems to start it because I got the same spisode when I started taking it again

My concerns are...

Since I get ventricular premature beats am I slightly at risk in developing vtach?
Are their any additional tests you would recommend?

My job requires me boarding a plane often now that I have this I am concerned about getting vtach onboard is their a beta blocker I can take before flying to minimise the physical heart palpitations?

Am I at risk for scd? Or vfibb? Some doctors say individuals like me are slights at risk I just want a clear straight foward answer if I am or if I'm not more importantly a detailed explanation of why the heart acts this way especially in a person such as myself who doesn't smoke and does endurance exercise

Lastly can an anxiety attack or panic trigger vtach or a string of pvcs if yes is it dangerous?

I need to live my life instead of worrying about dropping dead please advise me by the I have seen your website it does not explain why normal hearts get these irregular rhythms?

ANSWER: Hi Razia,
You either have an arrhythmia or not. If present, the tests would have demonstrated it. W/o objective evidence, I cannot judge whether you are at risk for anything, but I suspect not. Anxiety does not cause VT.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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QUESTION: Like I said all my tests were normal except that I have ventricular premature beats all I need to knw is can these premature beats turn into vtach? With all my tests being normal am I at risk for sudden cardiac death or v fibb see I've done a lot of reading and I think that's my problem. But I need to know based on your experience.

Hope this helps,
Dr T

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QUESTION: Why are you so rude? You are a doctor I am asking you this out of respect for your years of experience as a cardiac thoracic surgeon, all I'm asking for is reassurance being a patient with this condition and the heart being central to the senses of a human would make any person anxious I did not expect a reply 'NO' I don't understand why the unclarified response I am sorry if I bugged you!

Hi Razia,
My answer is not rude, but concise instead. No, you are not at risk for SCD, and no, you are not at risk for VF. Read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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