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Hi, doctor
My wife is a cardiac patient, she complaining about Chest pain, heart palpitation, breathlessness on exertion, breathing problems when lying down, weakness, swelling some times, dizziness, headech and fainting... She was referred to a big hospital as a reumatic heart disease patient but when she did first Echo it showed nothing and we did another one somewhere else showed moderate valve prolapse syndrome, X-ray show nothing and she has done 3 Ecg texts: 1 show ( Atrial premature complexes), 2 show abnormality in Anteroseptal leads) and 3 show T abnormality in anterior leads, meanwhile the patient is still very sick, she is 23 years old and there is family history for heart in her family. Thank you for your time.

HI Cyrille,
At your wife's age coronary artery disease is unlikely. An arrhythmia may cause some of these symptoms, but the tests have not been positive. The only other tests that I can suggest are a Holter monitor test and a stress echocardiogram:
The latter is probably not that important in her case.
If negative again, her symptoms are most unlikely to be caused by her heart.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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