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Please before you say go to a dr I want to know you opinion cause I did go ER and dr and they all say anxiety , panic attacks its making me go crazy either they are missing something or just in my head( which I rather its in my head than something serious god forbid ) so in dec 2012 I used to get pinching or heart beats fast maybe it was cause I was stressed but I had those weird sensation in my upper abs that either keeps from sleeping or wakes me up they scared me and keep me up all night . I lost my appetite lost weight I start getting worried got an endoscopy cause thought something in wrong with my stomach which they found I had HP and mild gastritis took 2 weeks antibiotic and acid reducer ( omeprazole till now) I felt much better my appetite return gain weight sleep good at night also before I forget when I went to ER they checked my heart ECG a did an other at dr office , this may 8 after dinner which I didn't eat much nor healthy( Popeyes chicken) I was sitting in couch talking to my husband out no where I feel weird sensation in my upper between breast then my heart start beating was scary I start panicking try to breath in and out didn't help and kept going went on bed the beats slow and as I get up to go pee (was peeing every 5mnts)it beats harder i tries to couch , to seat Like il goinfrer bathroom, l'au down on floor it lasted 4 hrs. The beating Was my throat as i put mu hand on my throat i could feel the beating like my heart is in my throat and That strange!!!beating took alots of energy. Went next d'autres dr he s familly dr and cardiologist . Did an ECG was normal he said it could be cause of my stomach he gave omepremsole and chlordiazep took it only twice cause don't want to get addicted to it, now I don't understand what happened that evening we don't have heart problems in our familly I was born with healthy hearts I'm prolly not active I'm not over weight I'm 28 years female . Lately I been getting this feeling in my stomach tense like I'm scared make my stomach nausea but when I get up it goes away
Could be gastric lymphoma? But dr said it all looked normal on endoscopy , I had blood test to check my liver, kidney , also in ER did an x ray , also did blood test for auto immune desease to see what cause the inflammation in my eye nothing. Now I have this niddle sting on my left index but there is nothing.
What's wrong with me I'm tired of this feeling in my stomach and heart beats re occur
I see beating in my stomach like I have a baby but I just had my period I weight 129 , I'm 5"4

ANSWER: Hello Samia,  

Feeling heart beat in stomach and neck is normal.

The episode of sitting on a couch may have been panic, but I suppose might have been supraventricular tachycardia, which starts and stops abruptly, in one heart beat and runs 180-200 beats a minute.  Should such an episode recur, please count your pulse rate to see how fast your heart is beating, and lie down.  If your heart rate is over 150 and is regular, take a breath and then beard down as if to move bowels without letting the air out of your chest.  If that stops the fast heart beat abruptly, notify your doctor.  He'll know what to do to prevent recurrences.

Please write back if this note doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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Thank you for reading me all the way and not giving me an excuse that my paragraph was too long
I know that night my beating was fast was 1st I experience it that and it lasted 4 hours from 8 pm to 12 am
Was scary feeling  I felt I was dying or something and specialty that the beating was in my throat I tried to do my pulse but I didn't know
Could be caused by anxiety but still trying to figure it out why it lasted 4 hrs
I didn't anderstand your medical term if you could please explain it to me
I feel hopeless
Thank you

You don't need to feel hopeless.  None of theses rhythms impair long-term health or lead to death.

You can count your heart rate in your throat if the fast rhythm ever recurs.

Medical term?  Supraventriular tachycardia means a fast rhythm that involves the upper chambers of the heart, called atria, and not the lower chambers that are called ventricles.  Supraventricular tachycardia is not caused by anxiety.

Please write back if this note doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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