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Hi Dr,

My background: 39 year old male diagnosed with LAFB 2 years ago. I go to the gym three times a week and eat healthily.

I've noticed a couple of people have referenced the new findings regarding the long-term impact of LAFB on health - being 25% more likely to develop AFib and CHF.

I'm pretty sure this study has made many people anxious about their health now, including me.

From looking at the study a higher proportion of people from the LAFB group drunk more alchohol, smoked slightly more, had a greater BMI and were older. They also earnt less money. All this suggests to me that that their lifestyles were not as healthy as people without LAFB.

1, Would you still consider LAFB a benign condition?

2, Am I likely to develop AFib or CHF in the next 16 years, taking in account im 39 and fairly fit? (same period as the study?

3, Would the higher alchohol consumption and greater BMI increase the chance of getting AFib and CHF? If so, the 25% is a little misleading?


Hello Matt,

Very clever observations, which I didn't make . Thank you.

1. Not completely benign, but not much threat either.

2. Maybe 5% chance of AF or CHF.

3. Binge alcohol greatly increases chance of afib.  Otherwise no.

Thanks again.

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